Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Minute by Minute Specials? Run out of Product?


I designed some fun wet erase boards concepts.
I think every one should have one!

What if you...

Have an
Inspirational Chef?

New Products..
Every Day...
Every Minute?

You can just

Goodbye Today's Special
& be ready for
Tomorrow's in minutes!

But it is not always about food...
IDSlynne :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Magnetic Seasonal Posters

Here are two seasonal posters.
They consist of a similar pattern with a pricing burst,
short description and a food item in the center...


And A

I like these - they are bright and straight forward.
The posters can be swapped out with any new colors or copy and
I think the most customers will always look to see the specials.
Even a poster like this -

I came up
with a

Its a great
theme and
the client can change
the combo
when ever he likes.

see ya soon :)

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Where's the Beef? Its at Miller's!

Miller's Roast Beef
is a family owned
and operated restaurant since 1986.

Gwen told me if anyone
in her neck of the woods
wants to "Come on in"
they were welcome anytime

You can see the beautiful Cherry Wood Trim Menu Boards
and probably you also - pick up a juicy sandwich!

Check out www.millersroastbeef.com for location info.

This board has no food images - just a soothing contemporary feeling
and Miller's is letting their food speak for itself.

A nice header...

A nice flare strip ...

I will post the client photos - when I get them from Miller's
so we can see how they look inside :) IDSlynne

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its Not Always About Food

I just finished an order for a set of new stainless
Menu Boards - E size - for Metro 24-7 Fitness.
They want to offer Smoothies and list their Client Services

Who Said
It Always
Had To Be
About Food?

So Corporate - wanted something that represented
a Grecian font and had some Grecian Columns -
All of the Smoothies are named after Greek Gods!

I designed
the Franchisee
a bright
Cafe logo

Then designed
some heavy metal!
A diamond-plate
style custom

Finally we finished up with a nice smoothie picture
touting the locations special FREE offerings!

Bye for now IDSlynne :)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Full Graphic Menus - The Blue Burrito

We received some great location photos from The Blue Burrito Grille. This artwork was provided to us and takes advantage of the full graphic layout. By going full graphic instead of using strips, many different design elements can fit within a panel. Of course, this comes at the sacrifice of easy price and item changes, but it still looks pretty cool on the wall.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Logo Design - Cool Blue

This week I had a fun Logo Design
for a set 10 full graphic boards.

A Cool Blue -
Corner Grill

This location has lots of room on their panels for growth!

Their total order - 10 sintra (pvc) panels
Here is a look at of 2 and the logo panel

I got the Blues! - see ya soon :) - IDSLynne

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Original Photography

Here are two projects I designed where the clients, in addition to collaborating with me on the visual aspects of the menu board, also invited a photographer to come to their restaurant and professionally photograph the items on their menu in lieu of using stock photography.

In this example, the client, photographer and I discussed art direction and made boards that showcase the uniquely prepared menu items at Villa Italian Specialties. Each shot was specifically composed for the area of the menu it occupies.

These large scale window clings for DiGiorgio's Pizza also use original photography of their signature items. In these two examples, the passion that the owners have for what they do comes through in the images, enhancing and personalizing the experience of the customer.

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