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• Choose unique colors & font styles!

• Create a Brand Identity that customers will remember!

• Make your Menu Boards a focal point of your business!

• Add posters and displays that accentuate your Brand!

• Rotate graphics periodically for a fresh look!

• Order holiday-themed menu strips and graphics!


At IDS menus, helping our clients select the perfect menu board system is only the beginning! We know from experience that the best way to enhance your store decor is by developing a strong Brand Identity, coordinating the look and feel of your displays, and maintaining a fresh look through occasional updates.

Some menu board companies will try to sell customers a menu board system without considering the larger design issues at stake. But there are a number of things to consider before determining the exact layout of your menu boards: Does the company have a finished logo, color scheme or design motifs? What are the most prominent colors at the location itself? What words best describe the company brand? Are there any major furnishings or prints within the store?

If you haven't begun considering these questions, IDS Menus can help! We can take your rough ideas and concepts and turn them into your “brand.” How? By using your menu board as a palette. We’ll develop a color and font scheme that is both eye-catching and distinctive. If you need a company logo, we can help with that also. We'll design wall graphics and related display items that carry your new brand identity throughout your store. In short, we'll help you construct a unique look and feel that leaves an impression and helps sell more product!

To find out more about our design and branding services, contact our Graphics Department toll-free at: 1-800-542-9779 x33


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