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How To Increase Your Sale  

Let's face it, investing in new menu boards and displays can be costly. However, the return on investment can be enormous if you purchase wisely. Menu Boards and Displays are more than a mere necessity, they can also increase the size of your average sale and the likelihood that your customers will return. Here are a few things to consider as you begin your purchase...

Graphics Sell!
Customers are more likely to buy food they see pictures of. Quality food images such as those in the IDS Menus library go a long way towards helping you sell product. So if there are particular menu items you wish to promote (due to their popularity, higher profit margin, etc.), try to represent them with graphics. For unique or proprietary items, consider hiring a food photographer; to save costs, you can do the photography yourself, but food preparation, proper lighting and a host of other demands may require a great deal of time and energy. For more information on organizing your own photo shoot, contact the IDS Menus Design Department at 1-800-542-9779 x33.

There Are Word People and Picture People - Don't Ignore Either!
Some people order from pictures without reading at all; others take the time to read your entire menu before ordering. In general, you'll want to design menu board and display solutions that appeal to both camps. You won't have room for pictures of all of your food items, so focus on the ones you most want to sell – signature dishes, combos, promotional items, etc. And for the "word people", use menu strips to list all additional items from your menu.

Menu Board Writing – Keep It Simple!
When writing menu board copy, you may be tempted to list every last ingredient of every product you offer. Though your customers will be well-informed, they will also take longer to order! If transaction speed is important to you, consider eliminating excessive descriptions. Does "Ham & Cheese" really require a description? How about "Espresso"? You may be able to do without them – reducing clutter and opening up more space for graphics!

Displays, Like Food, Should Always Be Fresh!
As your menu expands to include new products and specials, don't let your display graphics fall behind. Modern features such as quick-change magnetic graphics and menu strips allow you to update your displays instantly. Order multiple menu graphics and rotate them on a regular basis; update Counter Display graphics to promote specials; add removable wall graphics to advertise seasonal items.

Give 'Em Something To Look Forward To!
To add spice to your menu, consider offering a new platter or special on a regular basis. Announce your new product with wall Posters and Menu Board graphics to keep customers intrigued.

Sell Before You Sell!
Place Floor Stands, Counter Displays and Posters near store entrances to "pre-sell" your menu items. By the time customers reach the counter, they may have already made up their minds.

Cross-Sell At The Counter!
Combo graphics are an excellent way to cross-sell side items and beverages, and our design staff can customize them to match your company look and feel. In addition, you may want to consider Counter Displays - probably the last display your customers will see before making a purchase. Whatever additional products you'd like to sell them, Counter Displays present the perfect opportunity to do so.

Don't Keep Your Identity Secret!
What kind of impression do customers take with them after leaving your store? Obviously, your products create a strong impact. But the overall design and decor have a strong effect as well. Your goal should be to create an attractive, consistent look that is distinctively your own; in other words, a strong brand impression! Begin with your company logo and color scheme - if you've yet to consider them, enlist IDS Menus or a good designer to help you. When ordering Menu Boards and Displays, make sure to incorporate your logo and color scheme wherever possible.

Keep Your Options Open!
IDS Menus offers a variety of products that can help you increase sales. Here are some to consider:
– Counter Displays
– Floor Stands
– Directional Signs
– Banners
– Giant Self-Stick Graphics (for walls & windows)
– Mounted Prints & More....


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